About Salvo

Why we exist

Our battle cry is All Things in the Preservation of Life.

Do we really mean all things? This is a lofty claim for a humble, boutique training company that is merely one cog in the wheel of student development. Nevertheless, the motto speaks to the extent of customized lifesaving training unique to Salvo clientele.

We focus on the individual first—the foundation of long-term relationships. Indeed, individuals comprise every corporation, military unit, police force, team, and family. 

As Aristotle augmented Plato’s philosophy of the individual, it takes a tribe—a team—to survive. We train individuals to be self-reliant thinkers and doers in their role as team members through our numerous training and development programs.

Salvo’s benchmark of success happens when students graduate from technical knowledge (knowing that) to practical knowledge (knowing how).


Just a few hundred years ago our nation was made up of a society of individuals capable of taking care of their own basic needs. Citizens were self-reliant enough to procure food, water, shelter, and security needed to survive in a multitude of environments. But our society grew to depend on technology and services that in some ways has become detrimental to the strength that this Great Nation was founded on.

While we all prefer comfort and technology to improve our quality of life, it doesn’t mean we ought to sacrifice personal growth marked by basic skills and responsibilities.

Be ready when bad things happen to good people

Consider just two scenarios that happen every day in America where survival demands that you rise to the occasion:

⇒ Your GPS doesn’t work. Can you read a map?
  • We use GPS or navigation devices every day. What happens when the car breaks down in a spot with no cell service? Do you have an old-fashioned paper map? Do you know how to read a map? Do you have a compass? Do you at least understand cardinal directions and know which direction to travel for help? Now on foot, did you preplan by keeping survival pack in your vehicle to assist with you managing the elements?
⇒ You have three minutes to save yourself, a friend, or a loved one. Go!
  • The reality of active shooter situations is that the true first responders are civilians caught up in these heinous events. While law enforcement will eventually arrive, the average response time is three minutes after dispatchers receive a 911 call. You can’t rely solely on them or other first responders for your own survival. Decades of research has produced statistical data demonstrating that most of these events are over before Law Enforcement arrives on the scene or—at a minimum—catastrophic injuries have already occurred. Start your watch. Three minutes can be a long time in a life-or-death situation.

After training with Salvo, you will have the mindset and capability to conquer fear of the unknown.

Dutiful Instructors

As the founder of Salvo Security Group, I hand-picked each instructor to support your journey to self-reliance. Despite elaborate bios of life experiences, egos are left at the door. We are firstly citizens of this great nation like you. We have families. We work for a living. But we are passionate about helping you learn, grow, and become more confident leaders at home, work, or community.


As the Founder of the company, I hope you give Salvo Security Group, our subsidiaries, and affiliates an opportunity to be part of your journey. I look forward to meeting you.

Picture of Todd Clow

Todd Clow

With more than 30 years of experience in protective services, Todd is the founder of Salvo Security Group and a subject matter expert in the field of close protection and crisis management.