Matt Tate


An Army Combat Veteran (Combat Engineer), Matt has trained at various prominent shooting schools around the US, has completed Salvo Security Group’s Instructor Development course, is a sponsored competition shooter and is an active contractor for an OGA (Other Govt. Agency).

Matt is also an owner and Lead Survival Instructor at American Survival Co. He is an Herbal Medic and has trained extensively in Wilderness Medicine.

Matt has trained and survived in some of the world’s most unforgiving environments—from the Ozarks, to swamps, jungles, mountains and the desert.

He is the Co-Host of the hit Netflix series Snowflake Mountain and starred on Discovery Channel’s Bushcraft Build Off series. He has served as a Survival Consultant for networks such as TLC, Disney, Discovery channel and Netflix as well as multiple publications.

Matt teaches students both domestically and internationally.

I'm a two-dollar guy using ten-dollar words.